Tuesday, September 13, 2016

171. Use of graphics from the Internet and using Google to find stuff.

There are a number of ways of getting graphics into an assignment:

Find a graphic on the internet and adapt it using the appropriate software – if you need help talk to me. (Remember to reference ANY sorUce that you may have used - Adapted from ...

Normally it is not very productive to create it from scratch using exel – though one could do it if one inputs the correct data.

One can draw it and take a photo.

One can take a photo or scan it from a textbook.

Why don’t you send me your best attempt, then I will give you feedback.


Google is a search engine that finds sources – one can use ANY resource that they have found – with certain provisos: Use them -

a)      If they talk sense
b)      Are credible
c)       It is better if they have an identifiable author
d)      Use good grammar
e)      Are ‘academic” as opposed to popular – i.e. they identify their sources
f)       So, avoid sites that “do the work” for you, avoid extensive copying, avoid plagiarism, using other people’s words an ideas without appropriate referencing.
g)      Use Harvard referencing in your own work (in-line and bibliography.
So yes one would NEVER reference GOOGLE as such. If there is anything else that I did not make clear – talk to me.

With regards to Assignments were diagrams are requested, is it acceptable for me to download diagrams from the internet or should I draw my own ?


1.       The use of diagrams off the internet is the same as quoting text. Therefore one may use them without alteration provided proper referencing is done.
2.       You may however want to alter diagrams (using MS paint or similar) – again with proper referencing – “Adapted from…
3.       You can create your own based on some source – you still HAVE to reference the original source used. “Based on…” or “Adapted from…”
4.       You can draw your own using software or if you have done it on paper, you can scan or take a photograph – you still have to reference the source – unless it is totally original and is your own work.
I hope this answers you question.


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