Tuesday, September 26, 2017


How to get a graph into your assignment: You can use the graphs from the book, copy them from the internet or draw the yourself – either way. What is important is 1. That you reference any source used in the process; 2 That you clearly explain the content and what the graph means, how it works and how it should be interpreted and any conclusions that can be drawn. 3. Your description should be in your own words and show that you understand and be able to describe the concepts involved (together with appropriate references). So - A: You can scan the image, take a photograph of it and copy it into your document. You (if you have the skill manipulate it in photoshop or other software) B: Use Google Images and copy it into you document (Ctrl PrtSC - take it to paint, crop it to get rid of superflous stuff and past it into you r document. C: Create your image in "PAINT" There you go. Regards

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